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Shopr is your compass in the jungle of modern appliances. Employing AI, it scours product specs, reviews, and industry shifts, ensuring your household hums with efficiency. With Shopr, every appliance is a promise of quality.


Hi I'm Adam, your expert in appliances. Working for 10 years in specialist retailers, I help you find efficient, eco-friendly solutions for your home. From kitchen essentials to smart home gadgets, I guide you towards appliances that enhance your lifestyle. Let's turn your space into a haven of convenience and sustainability!


Hello, coffee lovers! I'm Jake, your espresso enthusiast expert. With a decade of hands-on experience in the world of coffee machines, I'm here to guide you through the rich aromas and flavors of the perfect brew. From selecting the ideal machine to mastering latte art, I'm passionate about elevating your coffee experience. Let's embark on a journey of caffeine creativity, one perfect cup at a time

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